End Citizens United Remains on Target with Reform Efforts

When End Citizens United announced its decision to form a grass roots effort for campaign finance reform, they became a power-force within the political climate.


In March 2015, End Citizens United assembled a team of the most-qualified individuals aimed at elevating its presence and creating a voice for the unheard U.S. population. Since then, the political action committee has been widely influential with its mission, evidenced by its 4 million petitioners. End Citizens United has become the truth most politicians were betting against ever coming into existence.


The PAC started with an effort to amend the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 conclusion to alter the laws pertaining to campaign finance. They’re determined with reaching the goal of having that 5-4 decision overturned. It will take a two-third majority vote to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court decision and End Citizens United sees that as very attainable.


End Citizens United has successfully garnered a lot of attention and support for taking the reins of assuring that politicians are transparent in their financial dealings with elite business owners. They steadfastly believe that the American voters deserve better than the same rigged political climate that has perplexed the country for so long; reducing the nations trust in the leaders voted into office. Their belief, supported by millions of Americans, is that the political system needs to change its process in order to hold politicians accountable and provide assurances to the public.


Starting with minimum donations of $5.00, End Citizens United was able to raise a remarkable $2 million within its first year. They’re on track with reaching an estimated $30 million throughout their entire mission. That type of financial support sets the group apart from others and establishes them as a formidable PAC certain to reach its goal. There is extremely high-probability with that type of financial backing that the group will succeed in its reform efforts.


As a non-profit organization, End Citizens United has given the public assurance that its mission is for the people, and the support continues to grow. It is widely-speculated that the group will reach more than 4 million petitioners this year.


End Citizens United has forced some politicians to take notice of their efforts. Some democratic politicians have already received the endorsement from the group. And the number will rise as End Citizens United’s pressure continues to increase for assuring that more politicians who support campaign finance reform are elected.


Receiving support among political constituents has been tremendously productive for the PAC to mount a strategic pathway for accomplishing their mission. The time has come for all politicians to eliminate any and all doubt within the voter’s confidence of their leaders. End Citizens United is on target for making that a reality.



George Soros – Major Contributor to Clinton Campaign and Democratic Campaigns

George Soros recently made the headlines for his political contributions. The billionaire financier is known for supporting democratic causes and candidates on Time.com , and this election has proven to be no exception. He has recently contributed $25 million to the candidate Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign against Donald Trump for President, which also included funds spent on other political causes. This is among $7 million which was spent on a pro-Clinton PAC (Priorities USA Action). He believes firmly in open democratic principles and ideals, and he sees his political contributions on Politico as being a vehicle for putting ideas in motion. Soros’ Goal has been to promote his ideal of a collaborative and open society through political reforms, a goal which has been relatively successful.

George Soros had mixed feelings on President Obama, as he often felt that he was weak on implementing causes for which he was passionate about. However, Soros had very negative feelings toward Donald Trump. In mobilizing his campaign contributions, his goal was to motivate people to come out to vote for Hillary. Many also suggest that George Soros’ recent political activity is out of a desire to make it more difficult for Trump to win. He did so in direct response to the campaign rhetoric which was offered by Donald Trump. He was particularly opposed to Donald Trump’s stances against people of the muslim faith and immigrants. Soros was also opposed to the views of Ted Cruz, another Presidential hopeful.

At 85, Soros’ career seems to be picking up again. He is actively monitoring the political and economic situation in Europe, and is actively trading the financial markets on project-syndicate.org. His investments are bearish, but this isn’t out of line with Soros’ typical investing style. Clearly, he sees an opportunity in an increasingly chaotic world. He famously made a great deal of money in 1992 when he went short on the British Pound at http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2014/11/20/wake-up-europe/. His investments have also been fairly large, and his return to trading has been very recent. His trades have been managed by his fund, and his investments have been on China.

George Soros has also been active in the investing scene, as he has recently invested in a startup which is aimed at revolutionizing the world of bond trading. A company backed by George Soros is in the process of acquiring a electronic bond trading platform. The company has been fairly successful in being able to quickly acquire new investments and benefit from Soros’ activity.