Enjoy executive cuisine at Brian Bonar’s Bellamy Restaurant

If there is anything you can say about Brian Bonar, it is that he is a mover-and-shaker in San Diego Business startups. One of his latest business startups that has brought him to the light would be San Diego’s top restaurant, the Bellamy Restaurant.

Brian understands something about all his clients; they want the best thing that any dining experience can offer. Thoughtful of this, he enlisted the services of acclaimed Master Chef Patrick Ponsaty. The French Chef brought has a 31-year experience as Chef. His role here has seen him win several Cuisine awards.

Ponsaty is a native of Toulouse region in France, the San Diego reminds him of his home and makes him work correctly enough. A young lad, he has enthusiastically grown to become a new Master Chef. Ponsaty is known for his expertise and would like to create a similar recognition at the Bellamy Restaurant. Ask Ponsaty to describe the nature of cuisine; he would laugh and only say “it is all French.” What is in the dishes includes monkfish with morels, filaments of watercress or a fabulous duck sausage.

The restaurant is just not acclaimed for having an excellent chef. The place too has plans to make the restaurant one of the ideal locations that professionals go. It has now developed to be a top cuisine place. Although it started up as an area for those that had discerning tastes, it has moved to become a place where the Beatles too play much of their favorite songs.

Bellamy too offers catering fit for any occasion. You can be assured of a top-notch cuisine and impeccable services. Everything about the setting is meant to create a memorable event for you. The catering experience offers unique dining with award-winning specialties provided by Master Chefs in all of San Diego.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is a passionate entrepreneur who has masterminded growth of various corporations. He got his graduate degree from the University of Strathclyde and his doctorate from Stafford University in the UK. He has been a leader of different companies where he has served as Director of Sales and CEO. His dedication to work has seen him rise ranks from one promotion to the next. He long served as the leader of Dalrada where he helped several clients protect their finances and manage their finances.

What has set Brian Bonar from the rest would be his passion and ambition for whatever does. He has always made an excellent piece of his work. His love for the design process has shown a unique approach to his work.