How CloudWick Technology Can Assist With Regulatory Compliance

In any type of business, it is important to stay in compliance with rules and regulations. Whether on a state or federal level, failure to comply can result in fines and other penalties. Because of this, companies are exploring ways in which the latest forms of technology, such as artificial intelligence and algorithms, can assist with this task. In doing so, many turn to the data scientists and engineers at CloudWick for assistance.

As companies conduct more and more of their business online, they gather vast amounts of data that only a few years ago could never have been imagined. However, as cyber crime has become an issue in society, government regulators have put strict rules in place that all businesses must follow to keep data safe and secure. As a result, companies must not only learn how to abide by these rules, but also know which types of technology will enable them to do so. In this regard, CloudWick often recommends the use of a data lake. Created and customized to a company’s specifications and needs, the data lake can assist with regulatory compliance in many ways. One of these is the consolidation of metadata into a single platform, which results in customized dashboards. When this occurs, all security data can then be viewed quickly and easily, allowing for complete transparency.

In addition to this benefit, the data lake can also use the advanced technology of the CloudWick Open Data Model Plus to capture and secure data. With this feature, a company’s IT system can not only be in full compliance with state and federal regulations, but also do away with the traditional security silo model often used for data storage. Instead, CloudWick can combine the data platform with Spark, Zeppelin, H2O AI, or Cloudera Data Science Workbench to create an advanced analytic platform. Once done, no cluster management is needed, since storage wastes and inefficiencies are eliminated.

As the benefits of this technology become more well-known, CloudWick and its team of data scientists, engineers, web developers, and other IT personnel will help companies meet all necessary regulatory requirements.