Who Is The Real Eric Pulier

Having the ability to do good things for society is something that we all should strive to do. Unlike professional athletes or celebrity entertainers, the real heros are few and far between.

Entrepreneur Eric Pulier is no exception to the rule as he is one of the biggest unsung heros on the planet. The guy has done major things for mankind, but he still isn’t a household name. There are no worries here because Pulier isn’t seeking fame, he’s all about building a better future. This guy is known as a technologist, a mentor, a motivational speaker, an investor and a futurist. He has a plan, and that plan is to connect people through innovation.

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Pulier is a man on a mission. This extraordinary guy has founded up to 15 different companies that are all tech-related. This includes Akana Software, Service Mesh, U.S. Interactive, Digital Evolution, Desktone and many more. One of his most recent founded companies, vAtomic Systems, use advanced digital objects for connecting businesses to consumers. He just seems to have a hand in everything that tech-related. The power of persistence notion is what he lives by. He has stated that “technological solutions and innovation will change the game.” He was also one of the early adopters of cloud computing and how valuable it will become in future years. When it comes to predictions, this guy is generally on point each and every time. Pulier has also learned to implement reading back into his daily life. He does this every morning as well as brainstorming for new ideas.

Back in the day, Pulier arranged for a showcase, which displayed real-time actions of the astronauts in space. This was actually a live-feed also, which was unheard of at the time. Whatever the problems may be, this brilliant minded man can certainly resolve it with technological-based solutions. As of today, this loving father of four owns a popular nightclub in Santa Monica, California. Thanks to his hard work, dedication and perseverance, he can now enjoy the fruits of his labor.

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Information about Richard A. Smith CEO of SECURUS

Richard A. Smith holds the position of the Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies, Inc. He has serviced in the placed since the year 2008. Smith built his leadership skills through a series of companies such as Eschelon Telecom Inc. Because of his pragmatic skills in the field of finance, he was elected as Vice President of Financial Management at Frontier Corp, and he increased the revenue of the company from $30 million to $350 million.Smith has Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo. He furthered his studies at the University of Rochester’s Simon School where he pursued Masters in Business Administration.

His experience placed him at a vantage position as the CEO of Securus Technology. This has made him run the company forward by delivering quality services and products. Furthermore, his leadership is interwoven with a team of expert that is running different departments so as to set the objective of the organization achievable.He has made a substantial move by providing a range of services to more than 1,000,000 inmates and 2,600 corrections through the company. Rick’s commitment to his duties has set a network of management team across the Dallas that oversees the matters that are related to the public information and to investigate the inmates’ issues. This has helped him monitor the communication between his management team and the public firmly and provides the right response to any incident that falls within the support of the company.

As the chairman of the company, he has placed the organization among the leading companies across the globe. Additionally, he expanded the services of the Securus and hastened the marketing with the aim of engulfing the stiff competition. His team of experts has created a sound platform that enables the company to centralize the management to create a healthy flow of communication within the right channel.The leadership of Smith has also invested over $600 million in patents and technologies with the aim of bringing transformation in the society. Smith and his team of management set the focus of providing excellent services to the customers through innovation initiatives in various spheres of technologies. This has increased the depth of trust from the community and made the company as an ideal choice as compared to its competitors. The significant primary role that Smith is conducting a lot of survey and research on matters that are arising and coming up with the right solution.As a matter of fact, Richard A. Smith is a skilled leader with the breadth of experience that has set the SECURUS at the required niche.

Accomplishment of Dr. Jennifer Walden

She is a successful woman who is devoted, loving and skillful plastic surgeon. Due to her accomplishment, she was recognized and named as the 24 best beauty surgeons with the Harper’s Magazine in the United States. Through her practice in the cosmetic plastic surgery, she is able to help many individuals. She is also one of the good plastic surgeons in New York City which enables a lot of people to come to her for her services. Manhattan is where she started and then she left to Austin to her home in order to be close to her family and also to discover more on surgery.

Jennifer Walden is a unique woman who boards of directors of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). She as well also appeared in numerous medium podium including television and radio. In addition, she is also won numerous awards and also a writer. She also ensures that she keeps better relationships with her clients.As a self-confident plastic surgeon, she ensures that she put more effort to her work so that she can deliver better services to her clients. She is committed to taking care of her patients so they can look prettier. She studied at the University of Texas at Austin and got Bachelor’s Degree in medicine.

Furthermore, she is so passionate in plastic surgery because of the good outcome. A lot of women are happy because she is able to make them more appealing through surgery.Her accomplishment is due to the motivation she got from his family which enabled her to pursue medicine and starts her own clinic for plastic surgery. She also associates with another medical center so they can provide more inventive ways to improve plastic surgery technology hence giving her patient better service, therefore, making her be known all over the world.

Entrepreneurial Life of Eric Lefkofsky

American entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky has contributed in founding several companies among them Tampus, Groupon, Lightbank, and Uptake Technologies. Eric was born on September 1969, in Southfield, Michigan. He attended Southfield-Lathrup High school and later joined the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors. After graduating, he went back to school for his Juris Doctor in the same university and graduated in 1993.

Business Ventures

As mentioned, Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur and has assisted in founding several companies. His passion for entrepreneurship dates back to his university days whereby he sold carpets within the institution. After graduating campus, he joined hands with his friend Brad Keywell, and they both bought a company, Brandon Apparel. They bought the company using money borrowed from relatives.

The duo started an internet marketing company in 1999 which was involved in brand promotion. The new company picked up quickly, and within a year, it was sold to Halo. Eric joined Halo as the chief operating office. Unfortunately, Halo didn’t thrive well as expected.  Check on bizjournals.com


In 2007, Eric co-founded an online collective action with Andrew Mason and named it ThePoint.com. In it’s initial months, ThePoint attracted the attention of New Enterprise Associates, one of the country’s largest investors, who played a big part in investing in the new company. In 2008, ThePoint changed to Groupon.com. By October 2009, the company had managed to raise $30million from NEA and Accel Partners.

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Other Ventures

Eric has also co-founded other companies which include Lightbank which is an investment fund dealing with disruptive technology business. In 2016, he was involved in the founding of Tempus, where he is also the CEO. The company is a technological venture that assists physicians in delivering personalized cancer care to patients.

Teaching and Writing

With his amassed knowledge in business, Eric has involved in teaching business related courses in colleges within Chicago. His teaching career has seen him train disruptive business models at Northwestern University and Applied Technology at Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.

Currently, Eric Lefkofsky teaches entrepreneurship and building technology based-business as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago in the School of Business faculty. He has also published a book, Accelerated Disruption, which shows how technology affects business.

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