Talk Fusion’s Groundbreaking Products Continue to Shape the Communication Solutions Industry

Video communication technology has come a long way since its early stages of development that began in the 1950’s. The video communications technology we are accustomed to in this era would seem like something out of a science fiction novel to people just 50 years ago.

An early obstacle the technology faced in the beginning of development was cost. Investors were finding it hard to make the technology available to the average citizen. It wasn’t until the 1990’s when advancements in video compression allowed for the possibility of desktop conferencing, which in turn allowed for the launch of Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, and RealTime. High-speed Internet and video capture capabilities also became more affordable with the turn of the 21st century. The new millennium would see a great evolution of video communication technology, that Talk Fusion would benefit greatly from.

In 2016, Talk Fusion was the recipient of the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation for it groundbreaking video chat communication solution. The integrated media giant had awarded them previously in 2016.

The Video chat product Talk Fusion created will allow users to communicate face-to-face with anyone, anywhere, on any device. The app is available for purchase on the itunes and google play store.

Talk Fusion’s skilled IT team claims this is just a small piece of the puzzle to achieving their ultimate goal.

More about Talk Fusion

Reina is also the current CEO of the company. Talk Fusion is truly one of a kind. It is the creator of the first all in one Video Marketing Solution in the world. Talk Fusion’s innovative products are sold all across the globe, spanning 140 countries. The company also does philanthropy work with communities and animal charities around the world.

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