Record Poverty Levels Inspire Doug Levitt And His ‘The Greyhound Diaries’

When Doug Levitt made the decision to turn his back on his career as a broadcaster and return to his first love of music he hoped to add some social realism to the work he has been creating as a recording artist, author, and live performer. Levitt set out to take short six week bus journey across the U.S. to gain first hand experience of the lives of real Americans who live outside the major cities of the country and create ‘The Greyhound Diaries’; Levitt feels the majority of Americans are not represented by the news media located in the largest cities in the country.


Doug Levitt comes from a family that has always looked to aid those in need by playing a key role in the Washington D.C. community, Levitt’s mother has been a council member and candidate for city Mayor in the nation’s capital.Throughout his life, Doug Levitt has always been looking for answers to major global questions, reflected in his studies with astrophysicist Carl Sagan.


Much of the need of Doug Levitt to understand those living in poverty is rooted in the fact Levitt had little contact with those outside the often recession proof city of Washington D.C. Despite the political roles played by members of his family, Doug Levitt felt inspired by artists of the 20th century to begin ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ by seeking intimate knowledge of life at the sharp end of the U.S. economy.


Doug Levitt has stated he was shocked to discover the rising level of poverty in the U.S. when he set out on an initial six week journey across the U.S. that has now led to more than 120,000 miles of bus journey’s. Pointing to the record of one in 15 Americans living in poverty, Levitt has stated his music, writings, and live performances have been created to hark back to the work of folk musicians and artists creating artworks sponsored by the U.S. federal government who wished to record a historic moment in national history.