Ryan Seacrest: America’s Iconic Professional Personality

Ryan Seacrest is among the most hardworking individuals in the United States managing almost ten jobs. Ryan works as the co-host of the famous live show, Kelly and Ryan besides managing iHeartMedia radio show. Besides hosting television and radio events, Ryan Seacrest manages multiple real events including hosting the Oscars and Golden Globes. His primary responsibility in the entertainment segment includes serving as the executive producer of the biggest reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In 2014, Ryan Seacrest shifted his focus from the media and commenced his clothing brand. Shortly after successfully launching the clothing brand, Ryan began a skincare line. Currently, Ryan Seacrest serves as the chairman of Ryan Seacrest Foundation alongside investing actively in other enterprises.

Working in diverse environments requires strong work ethics. Ryan Seacrest thus offers meaningful insights regarding his work ethics. His first ethical principle is rising early. Routinely, Ryan Seacrest awakes at 5 a.m to start attending to his full agenda. Ryan postulates that waking up first gives him the opportunity to manage his activities entirely given that he works in Los Angeles and New York. Besides, he states the ethics of engaging in things with a reason. In an interview, Ryan Seacrest postulated that his thinking and operations are reason-motivated. He believes that there must be a reason for every role, connection and appearance that brings more significant opportunities.

Choosing an influential mentor is the most consistent work ethic of Ryan Seacrest. He believes that individuals cannot grow alone. As such, you need guidance from an experienced person. For his case, he selected Marv Griffin for his instructor. Marv began his success as a singer and thrived into being a Television talk show host. Later, he developed his gaming shows including Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. The transformation of Marv clearly defines Ryan Seacrest transformation as he took after his mentor.

His insightful work ethics have presented numerous opportunities to Ryan including serving as American Idol and On Air With Ryan Seacrest host. His success compels him to take part in philanthropic activities. He has provided charitable services at LACMA, Ryan Seacrest Foundation and pediatric hospitals. Ryan Seacrest motivation is to work continuously for achievement.

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Agera Financial

 Three Tips For Graduates Hoping To Seek Work At Agera Financial

Are you looking to start your career with Agera Financial? I have a few simple tips you can use to help you on your journey.

1) You need to prepare yourself long before you graduate, including taking the right classes and aligning yourself with the right people in the financial world, including Agera Financial.

2) Find an internship with Agera Financial if one is available. The sooner you get your foot in the door with Agera Financial, the better off you will be.

3) You need to register with the right financial models and advisors. Did you get a job interning with Agera Financial? Then, they should have a list for you to look at. Find out the right place to register and do so online. The sooner you have your name in place once you graduate, the sooner you can get your foot off the ground.

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Are Digital Wallets the New Way of Carrying Cash?

The Daily Forex report recently published an article by Caleb Garvin titled “Digital Wallets Vary By Country- PSI Pay Closes the Gap.” The article reveals the purpose of the digital wallet and how it came to be so popular with users. The digital wallet functions the same as a traditional leather wallet but it creates a greater convenience for people who are spending more online. They also have greater security than traditional wallets while allowing the customer to have a single mobile device instead of a number of cards or cash.

In Europe, many digital wallets are used to replace the cash balance. A key factor for the Europeans is the ability of the digital wallet to hold a number of different currencies, which can be incredibly beneficial if they go to different countries and don’t want to constantly exchange their money for the local currency. They might link the wallet to debit cards so they can withdraw money from ATMs or banks. However, they can also use the digital wallet to buy services or products from the balance. There are a number of different ways Europeans are depositing money into digital wallets. Sometimes they simply transfer the money from traditional banks and checking accounts. However, a growing trend is to use cryptocurrency to fund the wallet. This allows them to use cryptocurrency in shops or restaurants. Some people are also charging the deposit to their credit cards.


European digital wallets can replace a traditional bank account though they do not have all of the same benefits of a traditional bank account. Many companies and individuals have decided to close their traditional bank account and only use the digital wallet to conduct their business or typical spending. Many benefit from this strategy if they live in a place where many businesses accept mobile payments.


The article suggests that it is important for consumers to be wary of carrying large balances on their digital wallet. Though governments will often insure traditional banks and standard bank accounts, they do not provide protection for electronic money. However, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation covers some digital products like the Google Wallet. Some digital companies like Venmo and PayPal do not have their electronic funds insured.


The European Union has not created an insurance program for the money deposited into mobile wallets. The providers need to keep cash or funds in a secured bank account to protect their funds. Digital Wallets also can’t pay interest to their customers. However, banks have a low-interest accumulation which makes this drawback almost non-existent.


Digital Wallets Vary by Country- PSI-Pay Closes the Gap

A Financial Coach Like Infinity Group Australia May be Exactly What Your Family Needs

Consumers who are searching for practical advice or want to learn more about how to attain financial fitness are reading a lot of Infinity Group Australia reviews to learn more about this company that helps its clients reach a higher level of financial fitness. The company works with its clients as a sort of life coach, but for money. Many people need extra assistance when it comes to living in a fiscally responsible manner, especially in areas where there is a lot of consumerism and pressure to “keep up with the Joneses”. Australians are becoming more money savvy, and many people are benefitting from enlisting the help of financial professionals such as those at Infinity Group Australia.


If you are considering utilizing the services of such an agency, a logical first step is to check out the Infinity Group Australia reviews to understand their services better and learn more about how they have helped clients who are in a similar situation to your own. This firm is well-regarded throughout Australia and is known for their “client-first” approach to financial coaching. In addition to learning and perfecting skills that make money management successful, the firm can instruct you on how to pay down your mortgage more quickly. Financial strategies such as pre-paying your mortgage can help you to save a significant amount of money during the life of your mortgage. And, there are few better feelings than the knowledge that you own your home outright.


Regular meetings and monthly financial statements and progress reports will help you to track your progress and working together in collaboration with Infinity, you can identify the areas where there is room for improvement. One of the most exciting aspects of responsible financial management is that once you get started it becomes easier than you anticipated. The small daily sacrifices that you make, such as brewing your coffee at home, or packing your work lunch, become a part of your daily routine. Once you begin identifying and implementing ways to save money, they will become second nature.


Living within one’s means, or slightly below the net income level, may be difficult at first, but once this mindset is adopted, the changes can come quickly! Watching your money work for you, rather than go to pay interest for others’ benefit, creates a momentum that can take you through the difficult patches.


Now is the time to get your financial house in order, and a financial coach may be exactly what you need to get the process started as you begin your journey to financial freedom. It is never too late to start practicing financial responsibility and debt-payment strategies to help improve your future and that of your family.

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Achievements of Peter Briger

The Fortress Investment Group is a non-governmental equity firm that is very innovative. Its launching was in 1998, and it has come a long way. From the time Fortress Investment Group was established, it has been setting trends for the financial firms. In the year 2007, the Fortress Investment Group was the leading large-scale substitute independent investing company to develop into the public. The Fortress firm was the first to be bought in 2017 by the Softbank. The success of the Fortress Investment Group is as a result of the hard work of its three principles namely; Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, and Wes Edens. Peter Briger has a long career history in the field of business as well as finance. Peter studied his bachelors’ degree at the Princeton University and later he joined the University of Pennsylvania for his masters in Business Administration.

After Peter completed his masters, he began to work with Goldman, Sachs & Co. He worked there for 15 years, in 1996 he was promoted and became a partner. During his term at Goldman Sachs, Peter served in several committees which include the Global Control and Compliance Committee, Asian Management Committee, and Japan Executive. When Peter Briger left Goldman Sachs, he became part of the Fortress Investment Group Management Committee when he served as a member. In 2006, Mr.Bridger worked at Fortress as a member of its board of directors. Around three years later, Peter Bridger was appointed as the principal of San Francisco as well as Fortress Investment Group’s co-chairman. The responsibility of Peter Briger as Fortress Investment Group’s co-chairman and principle were retaining and supervising the Real Estate business and Credit of the firm.

The credit team of the Fortress Investment has increased to around three hundred people, and they focus on the undervalued assets and also the credit investment. Apart from his career, Peter Briger as well has dedicated his time and cash to the charity causes. Among the reasons that he has supported is; Caliber Schools, the Tipping point, Central Park Conservancy, and his Alma mater too. Peter serves on the board of Tipping Point which is a non-profit organisation, Caliber Schools the public, non-selective charter schools. He also helps in the Princeton University Investment Company Board of Directors. Currently, Mr Briger supports his entrepreneurship program in Princeton University where he studied his bachelor’s degree. The program helps the fresh alumni entrepreneurs and the newly established companies with the startup capital.

Jeff Aronin, An Innovative Leader in Paragon Biosciences, LLC.

Jeff Aronin brings us, “Paragon Biosciences, LLC. A company that focuses on identifying over-looked medical needs. And bringing highly-qualified scientists to allocate to us medicines that once weren’t available. Aronin spared no expense with any resources necessary to move towards success. Due to the research at Paragon Biosciences, scientists have created 13 quality medicines made available to the people. Not to mention all the progress Jeff Aronin has brought to light in founding the non-profit organization, MATTER. Jeff Aronin has created jobs for hundreds of people in doing so.

Paragon Biosciences has made breakthroughs in science. And now leads us to medicine that holds a brighter future for all of us. Placing on the market 13 exclusive brands of medicine, all approved, that have gone through rigorous testing. While continuing on with other medicines, only some have made it through the first phase of testing. All have over gone preclinical testing, and all have promising futures ahead, as a result. Paragon Biosciences also recognizes the severity that suffering can bring and emanates ways to alleviate it. Thanks to Jeff’s support, the people at Paragon Biosciences continue having jobs. Not to mention do their work in making the world a better place (https://www.paragonbiosci.com/about/team/jeffrey-aronin/).

Another outstanding feat that Jeff Aronin has overcome was founding “MATTER” a healthcare incubator community of healthcare innovators. Also creating many jobs for young and ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to be in the field of bioscience. Once again paving the roads for those in need and helping the economy as well. We could all only be so fortunate to have etched a path as did Jeff Aronin. Especially in a field like this.

Not always does the existence of life give us someone special like Jeff. He has pushed to create a world free of suffering and pain. He has to spent countless hours of his time to make these findings come to life. Jeff Aronin and his company Paragon Biosciences, LLC is doing all of this and more, for this reason. We should take lessons from a man who’s done all of this and learn to give back as he did.


Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

To say that Dr. Saad is a special kind of surgeon definitely rings true. However to put things in a more detailed statement, he saves and improves the lives of children who endure in places other people can only imagine. How these turns of events happen to be warrant a bit of attention and praise. The waves of benefit that come from the ripples of his practice and medical knowledge span international waters.

Like many great professionals in the medical field, Dr. Saad’s prowess comes from years of service, unforeseen circumstances and more than one unforgettable case. In his case, three definite career pivot points presented through the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), which operates on a nonpolitical and nonprofit platform, act as stepping stones of a career path. The purpose of the organization is to help as many Arab youths living in the Middle East. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/saad-saad/

The first case brought to Saad presents a boy not old enough to drive a car with a severe gunshot injury. Although a surgery in Israel is to thank for saving his life, the follow up procedure Saad performs finishes the job and allows him to heal and lead a healthy life afterwards. Another surgery for a young girl from the West Bank proves just as critical as the first case presented to the doctor by the PCRF. He is sought out by his colleagues after a year and a half of searching for surgeon yielded them nothing. Saad describes the end result of his work as a fig-leaf cover, which puts it in the simplest terms. Of course, full details of the surgical procedure are far more complex.

Even though he can be thought of as a miracle worker, there are limits to his medical knowledge and techniques. That is why on the third call from the PCRF, which included a case of paralysis due to nerve damage from shrapnel, Dr. Saad refers the case to a specialist in that field of medicine. This turns out to be just as good as working on the lad himself, and less than a year later he walks again. These procedures, on top of trips to Palestine, result in humanitarian awards for Dr. Saad. He has more than earned the awards, due to four decades of changing life’s for the better through his surgical knowledge.

Article Service

There is absolute confidence that a good article provider can extensively improve a site’s visitors. however search engine optimization article offerings range extensively in terms of how they method the assignment of internet site on-line optimisation and promotion, with some article writers using strategies more likely to look your net web site drop off the quest engine radar completely. The mission is trying to discover which article provider to agree with, and which to avoid. purchasing custom search engine optimization articles, most effective to discover your business organisation plummeting out of the digital stratosphere is in all likelihood to motive you a much large headache inside the long term than taking a chunk extra time to ensure you are the use of a author who you may agree with to take as heaps care of your enterprise as you do.

severa myths abound concerning finding an search engine optimization article provider, and the questions you must ask, or expectations you ought to have. right right here are a spread of search engine optimization article myths, and what you have to be looking for for alternatively.

myth 1: All article provider providers will provide one hundred% precise, true content material

manifestly this is what you need to anticipate, however unfortunately it is not constantly the case. Many article services provide rehashed, re-written or virtually copied articles from a few place else. a selected tactic used by severa article writers on the net is to copy an gift article, rewrite the primary and remaining paragraphs, after which deliver it as genuine. The fulfillment of such an article could be very no longer probable, and it’s going to almost absolutely no longer do some thing on your enterprise except lower your price range slightly. only unique, original articles, cause written for you and your enterprise can ever be surely right. an excellent article provider will assist direct you to any of numerous on line centers which can be used to check the uniqueness of an editorial, and you are advocated to perform this type of take a look at, at the least first of all, to test which you are receiving authentic items, now not 2d hand garbage.

myth 2: All articles will help to enhance your web site’s on line presence

In a few instances, the expression ‘something is higher than no longer something’ might also hold right. however in the global of on-line promoting and article marketing and advertising and marketing, that is certainly now not the case. indeed, a very outstanding deal of damage can be created thru only a single article if it isn’t always created inside the maximum suitable way. for example, stuffing an editorial full of key terms is likely to bother the search engines, which intentionally penalise on-line entrepreneurs who use this tactic. Stuffing a piece of writing full of your key-phrase word also can nicely result in your internet web page business enterprise being blacklisted, meaning that it is able to no longer be decided via the search engines like google like google and yahoo. that might truely motive intense damage to your commercial agency! but what is key-word stuffing?

we could say that your keyword word is ‘bf8411042a39f592b9e21003f565786c mobile cellphone tariffs’. if you started out your article with a sentence consisting of ‘if you’re searching out bf8411042a39f592b9e21003f565786c mobile cellphone price lists then you will now not be by myself as many human beings are seeking out bf8411042a39f592b9e21003f565786c cell price lists and cheap mobile tariffs is some component many people are after,’ then you could count on subjects. to begin with, with a keyword density of 36%, this sentence is genuinely filled. which means that any real live human should have switched off, moved on, and won’t even supply your internet web page link a brief look. you have got simply misplaced each single capacity customer. however worse is still to come back, due to the truth the serps like google and yahoo will take one observe your article, blacklist it as key-phrase crammed, and will absolutely no longer show it. which means that you have got got simply wasted money and time growing an article as a manner to in no way be found, and will in no way be study!

A key-word density of no greater than 2% is suggested, despite the fact that in truth the professional and extra creditable article carrier companies will no longer deliver key-word density an lousy lot attention, thinking about the fact that it’s far extra to do with semantic language and operating to Google’s LSI set of rules than focussing totally on a single keyword word.

fable 3: An seo article provider can create LSI articles to maximize enchantment to Google

avoid any article writer who claims with a view to write LSI articles! certainly they do not recognize what the letters LSI stand for, lots much much less what it manner. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, and is the collection of complicated algorithms used by Google in figuring out the difficulty, context and relevance of a piece of writing or internet web page for any given issue depend or are trying to find. an editorial can be optimised for Google’s LSI algorithm, but in no way created with it! basically, a properly optimised article need to sound herbal, giving the reader no cause to suspect a particular phrase as performing unnaturally often. at the same time it ought to use a huge selection of terms which relate closely to the issue of the thing, to maximise its relevancy.

if you have look at this text actually, and feature not detected the use of key phrases, then it is been written on this form of manner if you want to maximise its fulfillment with the engines like google. genuinely, if you have come across this text due to searching Google or one of the different maximum critical search engines, then it has little else to show! look for a piece of writing issuer that can show consequences, flies in the face of fable and presents an search engine optimization article provider that understands the manner the internet works, and makes it artwork for your enterprise.

Sheldon Lavin Leads OSI Group To Success

OSI Group is a privately owned company that deals with the production of meat based protein products. The company has been operating for over 50 years. This is a clear indication that the company is manned by experienced people. For there to be such growth accompanied by tremendous success, OSI Group must be doing something right. Coupled with powerfully structured leadership, it is undisputed that the company swims in excellence. One leader who has managed to guide OSI Group throughout the many years of operation is Sheldon Lavin.


In business, there are different climates that affect operations. These climates come with economic changes from time to time. OSI Group has also been experiencing the harsh effects of economic climates. With Sheldon Lavin as the leader, the company has managed to overcome those challenges. Being the chief executive officer, Lavin ensures smooth operations in the firm. He is a team leader and project manager who aligns the structure of the firm by ensuring that all departments serve clients according to the values of the company.

Joining OSI Group

OSI Group was established in 1909. The objective of founding the company was based on providing the best services for clients. At that time, the company was known as Otto & Sons and Mr. Otto Kolschowsky was in charge. Just a mere butcher, Otto sold meat in Chicago. His leadership skills were admirable and he attracted many clients to his firm. The business grew into OSI Group and Sheldon Lavin was trusted with the management of finances. That explains his involvement with the firm. He was appointed on a proven track record of excellent performance.


Lavin is a health freak. He is the brand ambassador of green practices, sustainability as well as food safety. Lavin has surprised international entrepreneurs by his consistency in offering clients the best services. As a leader, he incorporates team work to ensure that the company yields maximum profits. Lavin applies market focuses strategies to grow the business in global markets. Presently, OSI Group has grown to different territorial levels thanks to Lavin. OSI Group has grown into an admirable business that employs masses through official channels.


Under the leadership of Lavin, OSI Group has expanded into an international service provider. He is convinced that the business will continue to expand through his ability to utilize appropriate strategies. OSI Group is a trusted food supplier. In China, OSI Group is praised for growing the state’s economy. It all boils down to appropriate leadership, something that Sheldon Lavin has managed to structure.

Read More : OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

Dallas’ Top Business Personality and Philanthropist

James Dondero is the co-establisher and the President of Highland Capital Management, L.P which is an investment firm based in Dallas. James Dondero collaborated with Mark Okada to establish the company in 1993. Since its formation, James has led the organization towards charitable activities such as donating to non-profit groups. James is committed to improving educational standards for Dallas-Fort Worth residents by creating learning opportunities. To achieve his desires, James Dondero has a list of donations and partnerships that help in improving living standards of people residing in Dallas.

The most recognized organization in the educational sector in Dallas is Education is Freedom. The group provides financial aid for youths who want to pursue college studies and earn degrees. Courtesy of James, Education is Freedom offers standardized test preparation, professional augmentation, mentoring guidance, and internships at major Dallas corporations and non-profit organizations. This special opportunity creates a platform for work and quality experience for the youths who seek it. In the long run, Dallas produces the most prepared and skilled personnel to work in various fields.

Being the leader of Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero interacts with many diversified clients. The company’s clients include foundations, public pension schemes, financial institutions, high-net worth persons and endowments firms. To fully satisfy the broad customer range, the organization’s offices are globally-based in London, New York, Singapore, and Seoul. However, the firm maintains its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Mr. James Dondero’s success is credited to his thirty years experience in credit markets. He is attributed to holding more than one leadership post including being the Board’s Chairman and CEO at HCM Acquisition Company. Before creating Highland Capital, James worked at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the chief investment officer. There, James Dondero grew the enterprise from a mere concept to more than $2 billion between the year 1989 and 1993. Dondero’s management skills in portfolios include investment grade corporate, high-yield bond, and common stocks knowledge among others.

Before James expertise awareness, James Dondero underwent training. He attended a financial training program at JP Morgan. James then attended Virginia University where he acquired a BS in Commerce (Accounting and Finance). His corporate passion led James in the certification of being a managerial accountant. James has a right to utilize the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.