How Financial Institutions help Investors and Institutions.

NexBank is a renowned banking firm established in 1994. The financial institution serves the residents of the United States through its premises located in Dallas, Texas. Since its establishment, the organization expanded its market base becoming one of the top banks in the country. NexBank prides itself for being ranked position thirteen in Texas. The financial institution extended its operations, attracting over eighty workers to the firm. It is a division of NexBank Capital Inc. managed by John Holt, who acts as the chief executive officer. Over the years the financial institution continues to provide quality services, which involve commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional facilities. The banking firm earns an incredible reputation from its customers who entail corporations, individuals, and organizations.

NexBank employees are experts in the corporate world who have the passion for growing in their professions. The personnel provides result-oriented solutions to clients. The workers are under the company’s chief executive officer, James Dondero, who has the duties and responsibilities to ensure that employees within the firm provide clients with quality services. Dondero serves High Capital Management as the president alongside being the co-founder of NexBank. The company’s top leaders are senior managers who are financial experts in the business sector. The executives of the firm offer their managerial skills and leadership services to the financial institution. The company provides quality advisory services as well as customized solutions, which meets and exceeds the needs of their clients. Nexbank is one of the top 200 financial institutions within the United States, for its success in delivering quality services in the banking industry.

According to PR Newswire, the Dallas-based financial firm completed a subordinated debt offering that was worth 54 million dollars. The private placement targeted to several institutions and investors who have high net worth. It was a fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes that are non-callable for five years, maturing on September 30, 2027. The subordinated notes were programmed to have a fixed rate of 6.375 percent for five years, and a floating rate after that period. The loans had an investment grade rating of BBB and qualified as Tier 2 capital.

Boraie Development Projects

The Press of Atlantic City gave a report concerning an underway project that supposedly should introduce 250 new apartments to the City of Atlantic. This project is being overseen by Boraie Development LLC and will well be the first market-rate development the city has seen for 25 years. The complex is bound by the Pacific, Atlantic, Connecticut and New Jersey and is dubbed The Beach at South Inlet and should take $81 million to complete, serving more than 50,000 residents of the town.

This development illustrates the optimism levels towards the growth of the city following a landmark 10-year slide, whereby the new casinos in the close by states left the gaming industry of the resort crippled. Casino closings in the town turn out to have right-sized the sector, and new non-gaming investments like the Atlantic City Gateway play the role of supporting forces. This project will liberate the area from the recent struggles and provide a much-needed boost. Check out State Theatre New Jersey.

After the realization, providing modern housing stock follows. The Vice President, Boraie, Waseem Boraie, told the press that the market of renting has new generation renters who know precisely what they are looking for. For this reason, the complex aims to provide amenities such as gym, pool and even residents lounge. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

According to the report, an excess of 61% of the housing stock of the city is well over 40 years. Boraie Development offers an assortment of services that focus on every area of the urban markets in real estate. The firm comprises of a team enthusiastic to create wonderful property and at the same time offer unequaled services to their customers. The company has, in turn, worked with the most superior financial companies, architects who have great vision and even contractors who can understand deadlines ensuring timely completion with success of all their projects. For more check out Bloomberg.

The company employs its capital, vision, and even reliability to each project they do. The thirty-year track record at Boraie makes them a developers’ firm under a lot of demand for oversight of projects. The business also goes into project management, keeping the strategy by maintaining the properties with the utmost detail and undertaking physical facelifts progressively. Boraie also participates in marketing real estate to drive sales. With big sales teams, the company can integrate seamlessly with property management and development to understand the fundamental residential and commercial factors for all the developments they undertake.


Jorge Moll: Studying the Correlation between the Brain and Morality

Scientists in Brazil are trying to find out how the brain works, and how it correlates with morality. The value of morality has been embedded in people and its understanding remained a mystery. Ancient civilizations are looking into morality as a basis to create laws and it can be described as showing mercy or apathy to those who are in vain, feeling grateful and happy when something good happens, or being angered or driven away by things seen as immoral or bad. Jorge Moll, a researcher and an entrepreneur from Brazil, is working with neuroscientists, and their main objective is to fully understand the role of morality in humans. The research that they worked on for weeks has been revealed to the public through scientific journals, and these were shared among other neuroscientists who are working in the same field around the world. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

The study stated that the brain has a complex evolution, and it managed to create a unique architecture and a specialized location can be found inside the brain which controls and determines a person’s morality. The brain makes several values that will determine the morality of a person, and the values from the brain are greatly affected by the environment and the society an individual lives in. Most of the time, these genetic values are transferred from the parents to their children. Jorge Moll expanded his idea that the morality is greatly affected by society by observing religions, groups, tribes, and nations. The level of morality each one showcases is unique from other groups, and according to scientists, these traits evolved for millions of years, with the complexity not only involving emotion but even the concept of what a society is.


The neuroscientists who managed to find this information used different tools to determine the value of morality of each person. According to Jorge Moll, the tool that they used was magnetic resonance, which is brain scanning equipment that records each value on an individual’s mind. They are being exposed to a number of environments, some are harsh and extreme, and some are mild and can be tolerated. Through this study, they managed to find out what morality really is. Know more about Jorge at Crunchbase.

How Glen Wakeman Resolved To Helping Other Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman has years of experience in the financial industry. He also has a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MBA as well. For many years he worked for GE Capital where he became a top executive. The first company he founded was Nova Four where he helped guide startups through their early-stage phase. He also gave them access to his capital network. He has been helping his fellow entrepreneurs throughout the course of his professional career. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at Crunchbase.

A few years ago Glen Wakeman took all of his experience helping and mentoring entrepreneurs to found another company, LaunchPad Holdings LLC. At this company, for which he is the chief executive officer, he has an online platform that helps entrepreneurs craft business plans. This allows them to create clear plans that they are guided in creating as well, including how to maintain adequate liquidity. Hundreds of clients have used his platform to launch new businesses around the world. Visit to know more about Glen Wakeman.

Another way that Glen Wakeman helps his clients is by matching them to sources of funding for their new businesses. He said one of the big reasons he started the company was that he didn’t know why so many new businesses fail even when they are created by talented individuals. He realized that the reason was that many entrepreneurs didn’t create the proper structure around their idea. They also need help generating the capital they need to achieve their dreams which he can help with as well.

One area in the world of business that Glen Wakeman is particularly interested in nowadays is machine learning. He says that there is a huge amount of data to sift through when running a company, much of which is very valuable but hard to get at. Through the use of machine learning that data can be mined in a very effective and efficient way. His one issue with machine learning, though, is that used in a bad way it can cause people to lose their privacy. It is Glen Wakeman’s hope that government officials and society will address the issue of machine learning and privacy rights so that this issue can be resolved in a responsible way.


The Role of Drew Madden at Evergreen Healthcare Partners in the Consumerization of Healthcare

Amazon and CVS have set the healthcare industry abuzz following reports that the two companies are looking into making major moves in the sector. CVS is considering purchasing Aetna, a health insurance giant, while Amazon has obtained pharmacy licenses in different states not to move into the distribution of prescription drugs, but to instead move into the distribution of healthcare-related equipment. How are these two occurrences related? They both tie into who will own the healthcare consumer. For CVS, combining insurance services, pharmacy, and routine care at a location near you will make it a one-stop shop for the consumer. On the other hand, Amazon which is known as the everything store, will upend the healthcare market given its already expansive retail footprint. Both companies are, therefore, working at consumerizing healthcare by bringing different elements of the healthcare ecosystem under one umbrella, while offering consumer-centric goods and services. Additionally, almost all players in the industry are looking into offering consumer-friendly services in the healthtech space just as Amazon does.

Drew Madden at Evergreen

Drew Madden is an executive and entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. He is a healthcare information technology expert currently serving as a managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company offers multiple EHR platforms, advisory and implementation services in the healthcare industry. Drew Madden’s work at Evergreen Healthcare Partners is centered around building an attractive corporate culture, team building, and working on trusted client partnerships. His work is also to ensure healthcare IT expertise while highlighting the importance of individuals in specialized healthcare technology. He is bringing to the firm expertise in electronic medical records (EMR), Epic systems, HIPAA, CPOE, business development, process improvement, and software documentation and implementation, among others.

Previous Work Experience

Drew Madden pursued his education at the University of Iowa where he graduated with a BSE in Industrial Engineering (focusing on Medical Systems). He started his career at Cerner Corporation to work as an integration consultant. From here, he proceeded to companies such as Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. and Ingenix Consulting. At Ingenix, he served as a senior Epic consultant and a regional sales director, while at Nordic he served as a vice-president and president of the firm. Everywhere he has worked, he has contributed to the growth of the firm and impacted positively on the company’s leadership.

Talkspace Connects People With Professional Therapists

Today, the average person is more connected to their smartphone than other people. Therefore, it should not be surprising that an application was developed to handle mental health issues for people who are facing mental health issues like depression. For example, Talkspace is an application that connects people facing mental health issues with a professional therapist. Now, instead of commuting to a office in town, the person seeking therapy is able to communicate via their smartphone using text messages, video chat, or phone calls. Talkspace is in the forefront of this movement to provide needed therapy via an online platform.

Advantages Online Therapy

The fact is that there are thousands across any given community that require counseling to discuss the mental health issues in their life. Often, they avoid seeking counseling because they do not have the time to commute to an office. However, Talkspace has provided counseling to thousands of busy people in a very convenient way. In addition, it is much cheaper to consult with a therapist via the online platform. All of the therapist are licensed professionals and have experience with counseling people on mental health issues.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is receiving very positive reviews from people who have used the platform. Many find that the platform fits right in with their lifestyle and enjoy that instant counseling sessions are just a phone call away. Some state that regular therapy left them with a big disappointment. However, the therapist on the Talkspace platform were readily available and they are very grateful for the platform that gives them the opportunity to talk to someone who understands their mental health issues.

Talkspace provides online therapy for thousands of individuals that do not have the time or ability to visit a traditional therapist. All the therapist are experienced, licensed, and have the ability to bring positive change to a client’s life.

Highland Capital Management One of the Leading Credit Managers and Financial Advisory Firms in the World

Highland Capital Management is one of the most noted financial advisory firms in the United States. The company, along with its partners and affiliates, have nearly $140 billion in assets under management. As credit managers, Highland Capital is considered to be one of the most extensive and experienced across the globe today.

Few of the specialties of Highland Capital include credit management, long-only funds, distressed private equity, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, and more. Highland Capital Management also specializes in providing alternative investments and finances to the companies to help them achieve their financial goals. The clients of Highland Capital Management are diverse and include financial institutions, public pension plans, corporations, endowments, governments, foundations, and high net-worth individuals. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Highland Capital Management has its registered headquarters at Dallas, Texas, but has regional offices set up across the globe in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and also New York, to provide better services and access to the clients. Highland Capital Management is primarily known for its dominance in the field of collateralized loan obligation. The company was one of the few to have launched in 1996, the first non-bank CLOs. Till date, the Highland Capital Management is known to have monitored and structured nearly $30 billion worth of CLOs and CDOs. The company continues to maintain its position as the top CLO managers globally.

Highland Capital has been around for over two decades and its co-founders, Mark Okada and James Dondero, are well-known personalities in the financial world. The founding partners formed a joined-venture with the Protective Life Insurance Corporation, and it is how the Highland Capital Management came into existence. The company soon snowballed under the leadership of Mark Okada and James Dondero, which led to the creation of what we know today as Highland Capital Management, after a buyback from Protective Life Insurance Corporation.


To gain success not only in the United States but across the globe, the company opened its international offices in Seoul and Singapore. The management of the company believes that it would help Highland Capital Management stay active in the fast-developing and emerging markets and gain access to growing clientele in the Asia-Pacific region. Learn more about Highland Capital at

Talkspace: You Deserve It

Therapy is something that a lot of people could benefit from in their life. It could really make a huge difference. They just need to give it a try and really commit to it. For many people, the thought of spilling their guts to a complete stranger does not sound like something they are interested in or something that is worth their while. However, they are seeing things from a different point of view now that they have discovered Talkspace. Talkspace is a new way to do therapy and some would say a much better way of doing therapy. It is always encouraging when new products are emerging for the people out there and giving them options. There is not just one way to do things.

People might think of therapy as being done in an office setting with someone jotting down notes and trying to figure them out. With Talkspace, they are using technology to make it more personal and more connected. They can actually text their therapist. They have over 1,000 professionals to choose from, so it is easy to find someone that is going to work for them and give them what they need in their particular situation. Once they feel comfortable and at ease, they can really open up and talk about what is bothering them and what is on their mind. They don’t need to hide their true feelings.

This is a safe place where people can talk to a therapist that understands them, gets them, and wants to help them. They know they play a very important role in their recovery and they love to see their patients better off in the long run after using Talkspace. They feel it is their duty to step up to the plate and deliver top-notch therapy at a fair price.

Discover health problems with Life Line Screening

Our health is something we should take very seriously. It is because of our health that we are able to deal with the daily tasks that we are supposed to accomplish. It is therefore important that we take good care of our health in the best way possible. Health is crucial for our daily living. We should therefore not ignore it as just a normal thing that should be taken care after there has been a serious health concern. People should not wait until they get sick so that they can take measures that will ensure the health problem that may be present are addressed.

In the United States, there is a medical company that is concerned with addressing the health issues that are underlying and one that we may not know that they exist in our bodies. These are health issues that no one knows about but might get us by surprise. This normally comes in form of emergency health cases. Emergencies are never good for anyone. It is good to be aware of something that can catch us off guard. Health problems have been prevalent in the era we are in since most of us are leading a lifestyle that is not good for our bodies. From the eating habits to body exercising, we are ignoring important practices that should see us live healthy and stable lives.

Life Line Screening is a company that was established in 1993 in Texas. It offers services in all the states in the country. Everyone who would like to have their health checked should pay a visit to these health facilities and all the underlying health issues will be scrutinized. There will be no need to worry about problems that are underlying in our bodies and ones that can be addressed. Our health is a priority for Life Line Screening. The company is committed to seeing people lead a healthy lifestyle that is free of medical complications that are unforeseen.

Lifeline Screening has the best technology and expertise that will see no problem go unnoticed. Health issues are a concern that should be given the weight concern that they carry. Life Line screening is interesting in ensuring that no person take the risk of not observing their health status. A regular checkup is something that should be encouraged so that we avoid most of the problems that get us off guard. It will also enable us plan early in our lives.

About Lifeline Screening:

Talkspace Online Therapy vs Standard Therapy

Emotions can come in the happy, angry or sad formations. No one is immune to its powerful effects. Whether you’re a grieving person who has just experienced a loss in the family, or you’re suffering from extreme stress, therapy is one of the best routes to take to get your life back on schedule. The main thing about emotional distress is that it doesn’t take breaks, and it will show its face at any moment. It’s an unfair deal in a sense, but this is all a part of being a human being. Whenever the stress or grief gets too strong, professional help should be considered and this is why.

Depression, fear and anxiety can definitely knock you off your game. The things that you once enjoyed now seems to have little or no meaning. These powerful emotions will knock the wind out of anyone’s sail, but there is a solution. Have you ever heard of online therapy? If you’re struggling with emotional pain, would you consider participating in an online therapy session? The premier online therapy company just so happens to be Talkspace, and it is rewriting the books on progressive psychological change. Talkspace can be used by single individuals, or it can be used by couples. The options are nearly endless, but the final choice is all yours.

This exclusive online therapy program allows you to remain in your home instead of travelling to meet an actual therapist in-person. To some degree, there is a stigma that’s associated with talking with these professionals and many people don’t want their personal business being publicized. On the other hand, Talkspace is 100 percent confidential, which is just like a standard therapist. Users will receive unlimited text message capabilities, which can be used via tablet, computer or smartphone. Talkspace provides the same great benefits, but for half the cost.