Securus to help shed light on competitor GTL’s unethical practices

Securus Technologies is one of the most revered industry leaders in technological developments for communications systems in the Criminal Justice and Correctional fields. Being charged with helping to provide assistance to public safety and law enforcement agencies throughout the country, Securus obviously regards highly integrity and ethics in the industry.

Recently Securus began to research into reported integrity breaches of one of their major competitors, Global Tel Link (GTL). GTL was a provider of telecommunications systems to the Louisiana Department of Corrections, and due to some suspicious activities came under investigation. The Louisiana Public Service Commission’s investigation into GTL’s business practices resulted in a seventeen-page report detailing their findings.

Among these findings are the fact that GTL had programmed their telephones to fraudulently increase the times of calls placed by fifteen to thirty-six seconds, frequent issues with “Double-Billing” customers for a single call placed, and many instances of “artificially inflated” fees added to the cost of calls that had already been completed. The Louisiana Public Service Commission found that these instances were deliberate and unlawful, and resulted in taxpayers being deliberately overcharged $1,243,000.

Securus Technologies believes that companies which provide services to law enforcement agencies should be held to the same ethical standards as public servants are themselves. Securus hopes that by helping to make the public aware of these violations of Global Tel Link’s business practices that GTL will be encouraged to adopt additional policies and procedures to help ensure that such blatant abuses of the public trust do not continue.

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How Free Adwords Evaluation Can Help You

Advertisng on the Google Adwords platform is a great way to reach your prospects and potential customers. Running a profitable PPC campaign requires a good understanding of how to use this popular platform.

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Those who are searching for your product or offer cannot find out about your business or offer unless your ad shows up in the search results pages.

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The US Money Reserve Explains Gold Coins For Investing

The US Money Reserve is a place where they are distributing as many gold coins per year as possible. They have a lot of nice designs, and they are trying to make it so that people can invest in gold coins instead of stocks.

The people that are really thinking this over for the first time are going to find out that they have more choices when they try the US Money Reserve, and the feature on EPNS Radio is telling for all investors.

They are going to have to try something to make more money over the long term, and the only way to get this done is to buy from the source. Read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials – and U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

There are a lot of things that people will be able to better coins when they are investing, and they will find designs that they think are really interesting. The designs add to the value of the coins, and the designs make it easier for someone to pick out the coins they want.

It only makes sense for people to try these coins now so they can sell them when the prices get high, or they can keep the coins for a long time before they sell them. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and
The people that hold their coins are going to have an easy time finding what they need, and they will have a stash of coins to keep for the future. They only have to plan to sell them when it is time, and then they will have money to retire. This is a lot easier than buying stocks, and it will produce instant results. That is why Philip Diehl believes in gold coin investment.


Medicare Advantage plans is a kind of Medicare health plan offered by private companies that contract with the federal government to provide additional services and give patients the program benefits above those provided in standard Medicare health cover. They come along with extra premium in addition to the monthly part A premium. If you are enrolled in one of the Medicare advantage plans all of the services and expenses are paid for by the plans and not the original Medicare plan.

The Medicare Advantage plans include:-
Health maintenance organizations where prescribers remit predetermined monthly premium for a range of medical services from health workers and physicians registered with the company. This type of health insurance plan restricts its coverage if the patient gets the service from out-of-network doctors who do not have a contract with health maintenance organizations unless it is proved that the services were given in an emergency case.

Learn more about the company at Business Wire.

Provider preferred organizations constitutes of health institutions like hospitals, medical doctors and health care providers who have entered into a contract to create a network of participating providers. The advantage is that when you get services from this network, you pay fewer amount compared to those who do not have membership programs. If the insured seek care or a physician out of the plan, he pays more since the benefits are only restricted only to the services in the network.

Read more: Rick Shinto – Innovacare Services Company LLC

Private Fee-for-Service Plan is offered by health insurance companies, and they get to determine the amount the doctor, hospitals, and other health providers will be paid and assesses the amount to be paid for the care.

Special Needs Plans is a Medicare Advantage plan that limits its coverage to persons with certain characteristics such as a certain disease, provider choices, and drug formularies to offer excellent services to the respective groups.

Special Needs Plans are services offered to improve the efficiency and to optimize the services provided by using proper management techniques of record keeping, dedicated accounting, billing and maintaining financial management services.

InnovaCare health is a leading company which offers the Medicare advantage plans after contacting with respective third parties. They have been rated as the leading organization in providing quality services despite the current settings by using advanced technology to offer all services that are necessary to the well-being of their patients. InnovaCare Health operates two medicare health plans in Puerto-Rico, which include :- MMM Healthcare that provides health cover to eligible members and PMC medical care whose membership entry is about 20,000 members.

InnovaCare is led by Rick Shinto, an ambitious and talented leader who holds the position of President and Chief Executive Officer and managing director of InnovaCare, who has served the company for some time. Penelope Kokkinides is the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare health also doing a recommendable job. Visit her profile page on Pinterest.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health:

Fabletics: Changing Fashion In a Positive Way

In a recent interview with Marie Claire Magazine, Kate Hudson talked about the wonderful company that is Fabletics. It is changing fashion in ways people never thought possible, that is for sure. The basic premise of the product is to be able to be comfortable, look good, casual, but also comfortable. Let’s face it: It can be a lot of work getting up, getting dressed, putting on your face, and going out. Sometimes the process itself can be exhausting. However, with their latest videos, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. In fact, it can be fun and exciting to go out and enjoy your date night or a night out with your friends. Read the full interview at:

As explained in the fantastic interview, we all have our lazy days. Those days where we just like to kick back, watch Netflix, chill in something comfortable, and not go anywhere. However, sometimes we get a call from our friends, and they want to do something. We want to go out and do something, but we aren’t really in the mood for all that comes with it in terms of getting dressed, prepared, and actually going out. It is for the lazy girl and we mean that in a positive sense. There is nothing wrong with being lazy, especially after a long week of work. You have earned it, deserve it, and it is owed to you. You have nothing to feel guilty or bad about it, for sure.

The products of Fabletics, which hit shelves in Mid-April, include a sports bra that can also be used during beach time. The key with this product is being able to get the most out of a particular outfit. It doesn’t have to have only one use. It can have many uses and the more uses you can get out of it, the better off you are in the long run, as you are saving money. There are also a line of athleisure dresses as well. No matter what you are looking for, chances are that Fabletics has it.

To me, they embody everything that is great about Kate Hudson. She knows how to have fun, take it easy, and enjoy herself. You can tell that she is completely comfortable in her own skin, and doesn’t look to impress anyone. Because of that, everything comes naturally to her and she isn’t faking it. She is one hundred and ten percent authentic. That is what this product will do for others as well. It will give them confidence and the ability to look beautiful while also feeling relaxed at the same time. See: