Southridge Capital Helps Companies to Identify Viable Business Deals

Most people think that all financial advisors and firms provide the same services. However, there is a big difference between an advisor working in a large warehouse and an independent financial advisor. The differences can have a huge impact on the attention the clients receive and the fees they pay. As an independent financial services provider, Southridge Capital believes that it is crucial for clients to understand the spectrum of services that the company provides.




Southridge Capital is an established financial services provider located on the outskirts of Connecticut. The company has transitioned the sector of financial services provision by elevating the financial situation of many clients. When you go through the history of the company’s portfolio, you will realize that there are various financial services offered by the firm. Surprisingly, the management is always ready to offer a broad spectrum of services to its clients. First starting out as a small financial services company under the leadership of Mr. Stephen Hicks, Southridge Capital has now transitioned into a large services provider coupled with a supportive team that will always ensure clients are attended to in the required standards. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Providing Solutions


Established in 1996, by Stephen Hicks, the company has transitioned into a leading financial organization that has excellent financial strategies to help clients achieve their goals. The firm has a team of professionals committed to helping clients improve their understanding of different financial markets. As such, Southridge Capital has managed to make direct investments of about 1.8 billion. Southridge Capital understands that businesses can encounter challenges when it comes to handling finance. Therefore, the company provides solutions for such firms by customizing strategies for the specified problems. One of the strategies that Southridge Capital often comes up with is customizing solutions for the companies so that the issues are handled on a personal level. This is because every company has a different financial problem that requires a different solution. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.


Providing Security


It is difficult for companies to consider delving into any business opportunity especially when they lack capital. At Southridge Capital, there is a solution to this. The company helps clients to identify good business deals and indulge.



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The Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Seacrest Studios

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is an outstanding, non-profit organization dedicated to motivating the youth of America through entertainment and education focusing.

The foundations first priority was to build broadcast media centers, named Seacrest Studios, within different pediatric hospitals so patients could explore the creative side of the entertainment world, like the radio, TV and new media. Seacrest Studios collaborates with local journalism schools to provide firsthand experience in broadcasting, programming and operating a multimedia center. They are aiming to have a positive experience in the healing process for children and their families during their stay at these facilities. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation believes that access to different multimedia experiences will bring patients a new, fun, and exciting adventures in hopes of creating an optimistic atmosphere.

On the welcome page, Ryan wrote a letter, talking about how through his life he had visited several hospitals across our nation that are caring for children facing life-threatening problems. he goes on to talk about how amazed he is by the courage of those children and their outstanding families and the upmost dedication of all the doctors and other hospital staff members. As a result of his journey through these hospitals, Ryan Seacrest had decided he wanted to have an ever lasting impact on the kids. So, over a dinner with his family, they had decided he wanted to make a foundation that would help these youngsters. With the help of his parents and sister, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation was born.

Ryan (@ryanseacrest) has heard from many families that the studios are nothing less than a blessing. He was ecstatic to see how much of a positive thing they have been for these children and has several plans to continue growths of the Seacrest Studios. Hoping to bring them not only to hospitals but to having them available to anyone! Ryan’s also busy with is newly-launched clothing line called Distinction.

If you want to be as fit as Ryan, you should follow his workout routine:

Bob Reina’s Vision Led To The Success Of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is successful because he made a serious commitment. His keys were self discipline and hard work. This enabled him to look ahead every time he hit a fork or a bump in the proverbial road. He juggled several jobs at the same time while completing his studies at the University of South Florida. When he attended the police academy, he graduated first in his class. Some people see his picture and remember when he pulled them over back in the day.


Bob Reina wanted to be an entrepreneur. He made it happen with desire and old fashioned sweat. His passion for marketing led him to an opportunity in direct selling as a part time associate. He took a chance and gave up a steady paycheck. He knew his vision would lead him to success. His vision was responsible for technology and marketing experts joining his team at Talk Fusion. Bob Reina brought dedication and insight to work. He brought his pets from home to his office. This is the reason he spends so much of his free time supporting animals through non-profit organizations.


The mantra of Bob Reina is I Will. He passes on these words and they are what drives him into action. He does not believe in looking back because he feels life is about moving forward. He sees his team as a group of individuals who get stuff done for the greater good. His philosophy has shaped his business. He believes in giving back to local communities and proudly showcases hope. He uses his philanthropy to provide encouragement for others. He believes in giving his effort, time and money to charitable causes. He learns about different ways of life and new situations because he goes into the world and meets people. Learn more:


Bob Reina believes philanthropy and charity are about helping people. He understands the difference between the decisions made in the boardroom and in charity. He does not feel anyone in need should have to wait for assistance. He approaches his work with a concept of self improvement. This enables him to see, learn and cross new avenues. This is how he has helped people throughout the world. He manages his time well so he can be effective as an industry driver and leader. Bob Reina’s life can summed up with the words I will. All he needs to be successful is waking up in the morning with an attitude that says I will. Can’t do is not an option.

The Exceptional Ian King

A former hedge fund manager, an experienced Banyan Hill publishing analyst and a flamboyant cryptocurrency merchant, are all words that can be used to describe Ian King. Ian King has been brilliant in all the fields he has ventured. His insights about the cryptocurrency trade have been published in not one but many websites, which include fox business news, seeking alpha and Investopedia among others. His more than twenty years’ experience in dealing with the cryptocurrency trade has seen him achieve unfathomable success in the business. Recently he created multimedia crypto investing invention, which is the first of its type for the Academy of Investopedia. With such high success to his name, one would never have thought of the humblest of works that Ian King began with would have made him who he is today. Read this article at A clerk at the mortgage bond-trading department of Salomon Brothers was the starting point for Ian before later switching to Citigroup where he worked at the credit derivatives. Ian then moved to a hedge fund based in New York known as Peahi Traders where he worked as a head trader for a decade. He recently joined Banyan Hill publishers to aid readers to understand more of the escalating cryptocurrency trade. Ian King is the writer of an investment consultative publishing for Banyan Hill known as Crypto Profit Trader Service that assists potential investors in identifying the right steps to take in their investments. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

Banyan Hill Publishing is a rapidly rising investment consultative publisher, which boasts a board of experienced traders who aid potential investors in identifying potential investment opportunities. It was started in 1998 and was known by the name The Sovereign society. It later re-branded to Banyan Hill Publishing to offer practical advice through its experts. The name Banyan comes from a tree known as Banyan, which forms a large canopy and its branches, develop aerial roots towards the ground enhancing its support hence making it withstand the strongest of winds. Due to the unstable market, it is advisable for every potential investor to seek the help of financial advisors to avoid suffering grievous losses. Banyan offers different advice that has helped many global trading icons. Some of the senior analysts and editors responsible for the excellent management of Banyan Hill publishing include Paul Mampilly, Ted Bauman, Matt Badiali and Ian King among others.


Perry Mandera is a Celebrated Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Leader in the Transportation Industry

Perry Mandera has carved out a name for himself in the industry of charitable acts and philanthropy. Prominently known as the founder of Custom Cares Charities, he doubles as an entrepreneur and community project developer. Of course, he cares so much about his family and other individuals thereby replicating his care to the less fortunate people as well. Also a staunch Christian, Mr. Mandera is the perfect definition of what it entails to be a caregiver to the less fortunate.


Background Data

In addition to the mentioned roles, Perry Mandera has been a committed member of United States Marine Corps Reserve (USMC). When he is not participating in charity, he serves as the board member of Illinois Trucking Association (ITA).



When it comes to education, Mr. Mandera graduated from high school in 1975. Later on, he joined USMC as a manager at the motor pool. While on the job, he learned to drive trucks. That is how he managed to work for different companies in the transportation industry. Around 1980, Perry Mandera established his own company. After operating it for around five years, he sold it. That was in 1985. Between then and 1988, he was appointed to serve as a Republican for the ward committee in Chicago. Interestingly, he was the youngest candidate in office. This is an indication that Perry Mandera was always a few steps ahead of his age mates in matters of career and business.


The Custom Companies Inc

At the same time, Mr. Mandera worked on an independent business, The Custom Companies, in 1986. Under his leadership, The Custom Companies works with small business owners to serve clients. Apart from that, the company has created several employment opportunities for more than 300 workers. It is also essential to note that annually, Perry Mandera’s business gives him revenue of about $200 million.



Mr. Perry Mandera is a huge contributor to philanthropy and charitable works. He is confident that giving back empowers people to be better and more empowered. Majorly, he contributed to elevating people by assisting veterans and the youth to lead better lives. To support the community even better, Perry Mandera commits part of his income to donations.

Things You Need to Know About Kamil Idris

A vast number of countries have derived laws to guard intellectual properties. Among the four primary types of intellectual properties include trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets. The laws have played a significant role in promoting innovation among entrepreneurs and as a result, countries have developed economically. Many political leaders and business gurus believe that the laws are crucial factors in their countries as they also play a significant role in protecting ones business as well as their creativity. People that take and utilize other people’s ideas and inventions fall at the risk of being persecuted at the court of law, and this can see them incur charges for interfering with other peoples businesses.


Every individual that invents something is guaranteed the right to use them by large bodies as well as by the national government. With the laws, creative individuals also acquire a great chance to enjoy their the profits earned from their inventions, a factor that is key towards promoting development in business. Experts believe without these laws that govern business operations; people are likely to incur losses in each of their ventures as they get to share their creativity with other unscrupulous individuals that fail to come up with their development ideas. Intellectual laws have seen many first class countries like the United States experience significant growth in their economies, and as a result, people have acquired a great chance to live high standard lives. Intellectual property expert Kamil Idris has offered insights to people concerning the latter and through his advocations, he has seen a significant number of individuals acquire huge profits from their ventures.


Kamil served as the Director of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) from 1994-1997, and he has gained vast skills convening the latter. He also served as the general secretary of International Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties (UPOV), and he has also served various roles in prestigious companies across the globe.

Kamil attained his master’s degree from Ohio University in the United States, which was based on International Law and International Affairs. Besides, Idris also holds a degree in Philosophy, Political Science and Economic Theories which he acquired from the University of Cairo (Egypt). His educational background is admirable, and his ability to lead the trade and offer expertise regarding the various laws governing business operations in various countries like Europe has seen him acquire a great reputation in his career.

William Saito- The Renown Japanese Businessman

William Saito is an experienced and knowledgeable Japan-based businessman who has established a couple of fruitful companies. He has been both the investor and initiator of these companies giving him great insights into business creation and success.

He was born in 1971 on March 23rd in Los Angeles, California. His parents moved from Japan to The United States in1969, two years before his birth. He joined Damien in California for his high school where he graduated in 1969 and later California University till 1992. He began venturing into computer security since high school. He has been the Japan Airlines advisor, JAL’s adviser on IT strategy and Japan Times advisory board member among others.

In 2011, William Saito was recognized as a Young Global Leader in a world economic forum. He was also in the list of the great influential personalities in Japan on Nikkei’s list. He is a renown setup investor, and he was a ministry of economy and cabinet’s cyber-security advisor in Japan. William Saito has been a great investor in the biotech, batteries and security industries. He believes that the greatest source of success in Japan will be the Robot and 3D printing industries.


According to William Saito, marketing is vital for business growth. He believes that a brand message and an inimitable business plan should be incorporated to reach the target group of customers. Marketing should be incorporated from the beginning to the end even if after the business picks up. One should deploy experienced, and extensively knowledgeable personnel to handle the marketing since they are more likely to predict what works best for the company and failure or success of the business will be highly dependent on them.



Acquisition of capital is also a major threat during business start-ups. William Saito suggests that a business should look for more natural ways of maximizing less initial capital rather than borrowing money in large amounts when starting a business. This will reduce the risk if things turn sour and also increase business flexibility in managing the business.


Business culture is also vital since it determines the type of employees the business is likely to attract and this can have a long-term effect on the business. The business should, therefore, be a clear reflection of the entrepreneur and the people involved in the business too. Diversity also makes a business thrive according to William. He has fifteen out of his nineteen investment companies being run by women, and this has extensively outgrown his business.


Sean Penn: Writing the Book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn is an American actor who recently released his new book; a novel entitled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The novel’s main character is Bob, and he has similar characteristics with Sean Penn, giving the readers an assumption that the novel is all about the American actor. The critics who have received their copy of the book have released their reviews about the novel, saying that the story provides the readers with a trippy story, and how it would evoke different emotions including delight, amazement, and disbelief. The novel is also seen as a parallel to the cult classics that has gained fame through the years, and Sean Penn assures the fans of this genre that they will surely enjoy his first novel. Each page of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is portrayed in a satirical manner and the readers need to analyze every passage to find out what the author wanted to tell them. The novel also requires a deep state of understanding, so that the readers could have a good time reading the book.


“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” was originally released as an audiobook. It became available for download in 2016, and because Sean Penn wanted to reach more people, he decided to translate the audiobook into a written novel. Readers pointed out that the book includes a lot of symbolism about the presidency of Donald J. Trump. The novel is also set in the dystopian America, where the environment is chaotic, and the society has fallen on its knees. The book revolves around the story of Bob, who has to face all of the challenges encountered in a post-dystopian world where the Republican National Convention rules everything. There are other lovable characters found inside the book, including Fletcher who was widely reported as being parallel to Mexico’s El Chapo, one of the wealthiest drug lords on the planet. To prepare for the novel, Sean Penn also had to travel to Mexico to meet the drug lord and to conduct an interview about his life story.

Meanwhile, the supporters of President Donald Trump are crying foul over the novel written by Sean Penn. They pointed out how disrespectful the story is, and Sean Penn should apologize for what he has written. Sean Penn stated that the book is fictional, and it is up to the reader whether they would take every word of the book as a literal example or as a metaphorical one. To promote the book to a broader audience, Sean Penn has already asked his friends in Hollywood for assistance. Many celebrities have already gotten their copies of the book, and most of them are saying that the story is excellent.

Vijay Eswaran Helps People To Live More Productive Prosperous Lives

In countless communities throughout Asia, QI Group chairman and co-founder Vijay Eswaran is seen as an inspiration and a role model. Raised in a working-class community in Penang, Malaysia, Eswaran went on to earn a socio-economics degree from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Southern Illinois University in the United States. Even thought he was forced to work as a laborer, pick grapes and drive a cab to survive, Eswaran always had a picture in him mind that he would be very successful and prosperous. That vision is now a reality. Vijay Eswaran is now one of Asia’s richest men.

Although Vijay Eswaran gives money to a wide array of charitable causes and organizations, he has been able to give an even more important gift to millions of people. That gift is sharing the philosophy that has led to his success. While giving people food, clothing and shelter will take care of their short-term needs, by sharing his philosophy Eswaran has been able to transform the lives of millions of people. Vijay Eswaran burst onto the scene when he shared his philosophy with the staff of the QI Group and they were able grow to generate almost a billion dollars a year in sales while the economy throughout Asia was in a slump.

The key to the philosophy of Vijay Eswaran is having the focus to be able to create an image in one’s mind of things going the way you want them to go. That vision must be supported by proper planning and consistent, targeted work. In his books ‘In the Sphere of Silence’, ‘In The Thinking Zone’, ‘On The Wings of Thought’, ’18 Stepping Stones’ and others, Eswaran helps readers to understand how to get in the right frame of mind to clearly visualize their goal and believe it will come to fruition. This is a very important element of the process of creating enduring success.

Vijay Eswaran also helps people deal with fear. Fear can crush people’s will and prevents them from takin action. But in his articles ‘3 Ways Fear Drives Success’, ‘Two Minutes From the Abyss’, ‘The Stages of Change’ and others, Eswaran explains fear can be an excellent motivational force. There are many examples of people driven by fear performing superhuman feats. Vijay Eswaran helps people to understand how to change their reaction to fear and use it to their benefit.

Jason Hope’s career endowment to the community

Today’s world appreciates any efforts made by the entrepreneurs to solve the major issues affecting the society. Jason Hope is one f these prominent entrepreneurs from the United States who has passion in technology and in giving back to the community. He was born in Arizona where he was brought up and went through his education. He went to Arizona State University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Finance after which he joined W.P Carey School of business to study for his master degree. He has portrayed a kind heart to help the community through various ways.

One of his interests in the community is fighting against the age-related illnesses that cause premature ageing among many people n the world. He showed his support to this by donating one of the Foundations that was started some few years back with the aim of researching the treatments to the age-related disease. This foundation constructed a lab for the tests and research for anti-ageing drugs and Jason Hope’s donation was one of the finds that greatly contributed to the completion of that laboratory.

Through his research about the age-related diseases, he says finding out that the diseases are caused by the accumulation of the metabolic wastes which is brought about by the breakage of some of the body organs during the ageing process. He says that if treatments can be found that can stop the breakage of these organs, then these diseases would be minimised to significant levels. Jason hope believes that this kind of investment should inspire people to contribute and support the any anti-ageing efforts made in the community.

Jason Hope also extends his help for the community by acting as a motivational speaker to students in various educational institutions and also to other entrepreneurs to help them realize their dreams too. He has a lot of interests in his life which lures him to spend much of his time researching them.

Another area where he has much interest in is in Smart Technology. He describes himself as a futurist who wants to improve the world through various technological inventions since this is one of the biggest trends in the present business world.

He inspires people by writing his stories and interests in his official websu=ite and his blog to satisfy his interest in helping others in the society. He has lived an exemplary life which has made him one of the most internationally recognized person in the world.

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