Matt Badiali Shares His Interest In Canada’s Growing Pot Industry

Financial newsletter editor and writer Matt Badiali often provides his thoughts on investing. His area of expertise is energy, mining, and agricultural investing. His education background is in science, specifically geology, which means that he has a firm understanding of how the natural resources industry operates both financially and scientifically.

His way of investing means that he investigates opportunities by physically traveling to them and inspecting them. This can include gold miners where he will see how skilled a crew is, measure the time it takes them to drill, and how their overall operations are. He also investigates the inner workings of a company, its financials, and will interview the chief executive officers.

Matt Badiali says that by collecting all the data he can see if something is a good investment and pass this information along to his readers. He shares this information in a way that is easily digestible to people who don’t have his extensive background in science and financial matters.

He writes newsletters that are published by Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt Badiali spent his career working as a geologist and also as a consultant to a company in the natural resources industry. He also once wrote newsletters that were published by Stansberry & Associates.

An investment opportunity that he has been recently recommending to his readers is the Canadian pot industry. That entire nation legalized pot and more and more states in America are doing the same. Oklahoma was the 30th state to allow pot in some capacity. A lot of investors like Matt Badiali see huge potential to make money by buying pot company stock.

In an article he wrote on the subject, he said that pot will be for Canada what the Silicon Valley is for America. He said there will be company failures, though, so you need to invest in the good marijuana firms. He also stated that currently Americans are barred from investing in Canadian pot companies.

Most of the Canadian marijuana companies are growers, he wrote. Some other companies have specialized as dispensaries but Matt Badiali thinks the real potential is with the growers. Matt Badiali Advises Investors to Buy and Hold Gold Mining Stocks