Sahm Adrangi The Stock Investment Guru

Managing one’s finances is hard work. One must work to make the money in the first place and then come up with a strategy to invest it so that it can last a lifetime and then some. Most people invest their money in the stock market, but this is a risky strategy because stock values rise and fall unpredictably. For the past decade, investment managers have developed strategies to safeguard your funds in case of a decrease in share price. This process is called shorting, and it involves betting on stock prices going down. In comes Sahm Adrangi, the king of shorting to the rescue.

Sahm Adrangi is the owner of Kerrisdale capital an investment fund that manages assets valued at over one hundred and fifty million dollars. With his Yale University arsenal, this self-made guru built his company from a one million dollar startup to what it is today. He has a reputation in financial circles for his ability to short stocks. Sahm Adrangi first appeared on the scene with his success for shorting fraudulent Chinese stocks, a new phenomenon on the investing front at the time.

Sahm Adrangi has built his reputation in the industry by shorting stocks based on bad news, a technique that has been very successful so far. Based on his thorough analysis, he is revered as a financial researcher, and he is invited to speak at many conferences on the topic of short activism. A good example is the Art Pain and the Opportunity of Short Selling Conference that took place at the New York Athletic Club on the 3rd of May 2018 alongside other relevant industry players like Whitney Tilson. In this conference, he spoke about one of the emerging trends witnessed in the industry as being ad fraud and how investors can take advantage of this news to predict a shortening opportunity in a company’s stock.

Investing in the stock market is a scary task, however, based on Sahm Adrangi’s record of shorting and his unprecedented success in the field, following his advice is bound to lead others into success too.

GreenSky Credit to Increase Job Opportunities

David Zalik is the co-founder of GreenSky Trade Credit, LLC that is currently known as GreenSky. He has been the chief executive officer of the entity since its foundation in 2006. Zalik is also the chair of GreenSky, Inc. Board of Directors and CEO of GreenSky Financial, LLC. In 1999, he co-founded Outweb Inc. and works as its CEO and chairman. While in Auburn University, Zalik established MicroTech Information Systems at the age of 14. He took part in setting up Phoenix, LLC, Resource Institute, and the Rockbridge Commercial Bank.

Mr. David Zalik served as a director at Rockbridge Commercial Bank. He has been among the Board of Directors at the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, Marcus Community Center, and Hands on Atlanta. Zalik won the 2016 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year, 2000 Abe Schwartz Young Leadership Award, and 2003 Catalyst Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

About GreenSky Credit

GreenSky credit is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The financial technology firm was opened in 2006. It provides technological services to merchants and banks to make loans to customers for home improvement, healthcare, solar, and other usages. The federally-insured, state and federal financial institutions finance the GreenSky credit programs. Around $5 billion was lent through the credit program from 2012 to 2016.


GreenSky is a renowned firm in the FinTech market. It had partnered with 14 banks as at 2016 and they include SunTrust Banks and Regional Financial Corp. They make credits on the GreenSky mobile app or online to more than 12,000 merchants ranging from individual contractors to retailers.

GreenSky credit signs up entrepreneurs who deal with furniture and home improvement items like window replacement, roofing, and aluminum siding. It also handles elective medical processes. The company supplants credit cards for more focused spending on customer projects. They have a fixed interest rate and the period for payback.

According to CEO David Zalik, the financial entity is not competing with similar firms as it is a technology company with a different lending program. In 2015, GreenSky opened a call center in Kentucky, Cincinnati area. In the same year, it announced the upcoming multi-million dollar extension that could create 350 jobs in Atlanta.